Emmanuel Umoh biography and net worth

Emmanuel Umoh biography and net worth

Emmanuel Umoh biography and net worth everything you need to Know about the fashion model who owns a fitness center and as well as a unisex salon and spa in Port Harcourt.

Emmanuel Umoh Biography And Net Worth [profile]

Full Name – Emmanuel Umoh
Age – 24 years old as of 2021
Occupation – Model, Businessman, Investor
State Of Origin – Akwa Ibom
Nationality – Nigeria
Status: – Single
Net Worth – $500,000

It’s no longer fresh news that the sixth edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show has kicked off, with twenty-two housemates male & female housemates respectively.

Emmanuel Umoh Making it into the Big Brother house at the grand opening of this year’s edition tagged “Shine Your Eyes.

One of the male housemates that would instantly captivate most of his fans attention on screen is Emmanuel Umoh.

At his introduction into the house, he told Ebuka that his stay in the house would be a very simple one, and he aims to achieve that simplicity by being plain and real with other housemates in the Biggie’s house.

That same night, Emmanuel Umoh shared that he came to compete for the grand prize of N90 million, but he will be more willing to socialize and form clicks with his co-l contestants.

According to him one of the tactics he will be using to compete for the grand prize is by showing an honest version of himself, keeping it as real as possible.

He made a remark about his conscious awareness of being in a reality show, not just any house.

Furthermore, Emmanuel Umoh asserted that he is open to any character in the Big Brother house because he believes he can be rigid or soft, depending on the atmosphere and the circumstances around him.

Very quickly, let us take a mental journey into the life of your favorite housemate.

This article examines Emmanuel Umoh biography, his early life, net worth, and other personal information of Emmanuel Umoh the dark skinned handsome housemate.

Emmanuel Umoh Biography and Net Worth

Emmanuel Biography who’s His full name is Emmanuel Umoh, also known as Emmanuel according to his BBNaija screen name.

The 24-year old housemate who hails from Akwa Ibom State, situated in the Eastern region of Nigeria but However currently residing in Rivers State before making his entry into Biggie house.

Emmanuel Umoh Educational Background, Career, Likes and Dislikes

Emmanuel Umoh is a proud graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where he studied Civil Engineering.

As earlier mentioned, Emmanuel Umoh was conceived and born in Akwa Ibom State.

He finished from the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, although he practices a different profession from his academic qualifications.

As we stated Emmanuel is into a different field of career, not synonymous with what he studied in the university.

At the moment, he runs a unisex spa and salon in Port Harcourt, which drives a lot of income into his pockets, at the same time earning him a source of livelihood.

In addition to that Emmanuel Umoh who owns a body fitness center thereby adding a supplementary boost to his business prospects.

From our own findings, his fitness center is well equipped and can be recommended to anyone seeking leisure and a wonderful time at the gym.

Obviously, as a gym owner, Emmanuel has a very attractive body physique that has earned him the admiration of many female fans since his coming into Big Brother’s house.

Emmanuel has a distinct personality that helps him to blend brilliantly with smart people. It can be concluded that he’s quite a sapiosexual in nature.

According to his words, he likes to mingle with liberal, intelligent and honest people. He is a lover of anything that represents honesty.

Truthfulness, and integrity. Without any sense of overemphasis, he loves being straight and real which allows him to lead a simple lifestyle.

Nevertheless, he detests people who are fond of twisting the truth (lying). He also made mention of disliking people who often engage in backbiting and folks who choose to live fake lifestyles.

He stated it clearly that he will definitely have a difficult time with such people in Biggie’s house if there are any.

Since the show has commenced, it seems none of the housemates has a natural flair for violence, and he is clearly one of the calmest house mates in the ongoing reality show.

Right from the start, he opened up that he will be the one to negotiate for peace, in the eventuality of any fight in the house.

Emmanuel Umoh Awards And Relationship Status

It seems Emmanuel has a promising career prior to the Big Brother house emergence. It also should be noted that he is also into modeling (aside from running a fitness center, spa, and salon) before coming into the house.

As a matter of fact, he had been into many contests at both international and local levels.

Emmanuel has once bagged the Mr. Africa award after winning the international competition. In 2019, he was awarded the Mr. Ideal Nigeria title.

Your favorite housemate is also the first person of Nigerian nationality to bag the African International Award.

Due to his attractive and seductive physical attributes, Emmanuel appears to have a guy every reasonable lady will want. However, he clearly stated that he is single, at the opening of Big Brother house.

In the house, many female housemates will definitely throw green lights at him, but we don’t know who might win his soft spot.

Emmanuel Umoh Net Worth in dollars and naira

Having a steady flow of income from his modeling career, and his other business, Emmanuel Umoh is estimated to have a net worth of about $500,000 which is equivalent to N205,735,000 naira.

Emmanuel Umoh when has an estimated net worth of about $500,000. With a steady income flow from his unisex spa and salon in Port Harcourt, which drives a lot of income into his pockets at the same time earning him a source of livelihood.

Emmanuel Umoh was the first Nigerian to win the Mister Africa pageant and hopes to walk home with the ultimate prize at BBNaija 2021.

Emmanuel Umoh social media handle : updating

That everything you need to know about the ex BBNaija house mate any update will be updated on this page thank you.

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